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Getting 6mo to nap in his cot

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Sun 10-May-15 19:11:54

DS2 is 6mo and has all his naps in a sling or on me when I bfeed him to sleep.

He doesn't nap in buggy - hates lying down in it, wants to be upright/looking out.

Rarely falls asleep in car - when he does it's because he's screamed himself to sleep.

If I feed him to sleep and then transfer him to his cot he'll remain asleep for a further 10-20mins max.

At bedtime I bfeed to sleep, put in cot, he'll wake 30/40 mins later, another quick feed and cuddle then he normally sleeps for anywhere between 2-5hrs. After second wake up we cosleep, but he probably sleeps about 2/3 of the night in his cot in our room.

I really really need him to start napping in his cot. He only really naps for short periods in sling and I think he'd benefit from a couple of longer decent naps in his cot rather than catnaps.

Plus he's getting heavy and i'd like to have some time off/play with DS1 on his own etc while DS2 naps.

If you had something like this, how did you get naps happening in the cot?

I'm prepared for the effort and commitment of training, I just don't know how to start...

MadgeMak Sun 10-May-15 19:28:14

My now one year old was like this. Can't give you a magic solution I'm afraid, it just got better with time. I just kept trying him in the cot for naps, if it didn't work out I reverted to what was working (I.e. The sling) and then tried again a week or so later. It's frustrating but when they're ready things will change and not before! One thing that I think did help a bit was to try to recreate the same environment when napping so that he could associate certain things with sleep - so always had white noise on and a little comforter for him to hold, monotonous whispering of its sleepy time now and holding his hand.

flipflopsonfifthavenue Sun 10-May-15 20:29:58

Thanks MadgeMak. You don't say - what's your one year old like now...?

MadgeMak Sun 10-May-15 20:50:05

Currently asleep in his cot probably till morning although we do still have the occasional night when he wakes so we co sleep then, and he takes all naps there too. It will happen! Should have also said that we did a bit of transitioning from sling to cot by co sleeping for naps, seemed to help him get the hang of sleeping elsewhere from the sling but without him being totally alone. Once he was happy and going straight to sleep in that situation for a while we tried the cot again. I still have to hang over the side of the cot holding his hand till he nods off but at least I'm free once he is actually asleep!

hotfuzzra Tue 12-May-15 11:09:08

I have a 5 mo I've just started to put her in the cot for naps. Previously she'd scream and hate it and we resorted to slings, long pram walks, driving to sleep on unnecessarily long journeys etc
I used to have to rock her to sleep and put her down, this often used to wake her and sometimes I'd resort to BFing to sleep. My back hurts a lot so I thought I can't I keep doing this indefinitely. I started to lay her in her cot, and lie next to her and sort of hug her, I figured this way she's getting comfort and I'm not leaving her to cry alone which I've read is more stressful than crying but being held/comforted by parent. I've gone from it taking 30 mins of crying to under 10 mins of her flapping about and no crying, I hope that in a few weeks I'll be able to put her down, kiss or stroke her once or twice and walk off.
I subsequently found she would only sleep for 25 mins then wide awake, but my friend gave me a tip of 'waking to sleep' where at about 20 mins I rouse her slightly, not until fully awake but turning/murmuring, and three days in a row she's slept over 1 hr for the naps I've done this (the morning nap I don't mainly as I'm too scared to try it twice in one day!)
Good luck flowers

Milkyway1304 Sun 17-May-15 00:07:17

Up until 6 months my dd mostly only napped on me. At this stage I decided I needed things to change so I would feed her, then pop her in buggy, upright, and rock her until she yawned then tip it back to flat and she would drift off usually. Took a few weeks but after a while she would happily nap after only minimal rocking. I opted for the pram as it meant I was free to come and go, and also as I was trying (in vain) to lengthen her naps by trying to rock her again at the end of her sleep cycle.

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