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5.5 month old suddenly won't be put down

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TwigletFiend Thu 07-May-15 11:49:28

DD is almost 6 months. Previously been an ok sleeper once out of newborn stage, was in a pattern of 2 wake ups a night once she went down. She's been sleeping in her for by our bed for 3 months now.

The last week she absolutely will not be put down. Daytime naps still fine, she will sleep in pram, carseat, on her playmat. Pretty much wherever, even if I'm not in physical contact. At night though she will feed, drop off the boob and settle to sleep quite quickly on me. I usually leave about 15 minutes before I move her to let her get off to proper sleep. Sometimes as soon as I move she wakes up, howls and we start all over again. Other times I get her into the cot asleep but within two minutes she starts to thrash and wriggle, then wakes up and screams until I pick her up.

I have tried putting her down sleepy but awake, hand on tummy to soothe when she starts to thrash, pick up/put down, feeding her back to sleep then trying again. Nothing worked so far! The last week she has slept in bed with me but I don't sleep well at all that way and every little movement wakes her up. She also feeds incessantly that way too.

I don't know what I'm looking for really. Advice and hand holding I suppose! I am so bloody tired it's becoming hard to function and I can feel myself walking around all day with a face like a slapped arse. Dad has always refused a dummy, so no chance of giving her one to comfort suck. Whatever this is - growth spurt, teething, phase - when is it likely to end?!

TwigletFiend Thu 07-May-15 11:50:42

*DD, not Dad blush

Greenstone Thu 07-May-15 12:14:46

I have no idea Twig but I'm holding out for 7/8 months personally! 7 months was a big turning point with my dd1 so here's hopin'. I have to say I have really noticed the 6-month growth spurt/development leap/whatever the hell it is this time around. With dd1 it was the 4-month regression that killed, but perhaps I've just edited out the horrors of the 6-month one with her in my memory.

Will your dd be cuddled back to sleep when a put-down is bungled and she pings back awake, or does it have to be boob?

Grim isn't it? Get your DP to help you, though, by whatever means necessary, even if it's putting her in the car or pram at silly o' clock.

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