Toddler - One bedroom flat! Bedhopping...

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RubyMay82 Thu 07-May-15 10:58:01

I always had a good sleeper,
Used to wake about 6.00/6.30am and come in with me for a bosy every morning,
Then a few months it started being more like 3.00am/4/00am.
To be honest choosing between a middle of the night battle and letting her in my bed and going straight back to sleep, the latter won.
Always on my mind the alarm will be going off for work soon.
I don't mind her being in my bed as long as she goes to sleep in her own bed,
I am just worried I have made a rod for my own back and if she goes elsewhere for a sleepover she won't sleep well?
The fact we live in a one bedroom flat and my bed is about a foot away from hers there isn't much I can do...!
Last night was one horrors are made of, would NOT stay in her bed for love nor money, when I at last thought she was asleep the little monkey had sneaked into my bed and made herself comfy there,
hoping it was just an off night -
I am holding a constant internal battle between she must sleep in her own bed and meh who cares sleep is important not the actual location?
Is it just me?
Am I going to end up with a toddler that can't stay anywhere else because she is overly attached or with a 12 year old crashing my bed?

FATEdestiny Thu 07-May-15 12:54:14

Like you said, there is not much you can do about the fact that your beds are in the same room. So she may well find sleepovers more difficult than others because she is so used to Mummy being close (nearby, if not in same bed). But not insurmountable, she'll easily learn how to sleep in different arrangements when she is older.

Personally I don't think I would win the battle to keep separate beds if I slept in the same room as my toddler, so I wouldn't have the battle in your situation. When she's older, she'll be more adaptable.

RubyMay82 Thu 07-May-15 14:05:24

She goes to my aunties house for sleepovers & has always been no problem for them she's just not been in a couple of months & gotten more attached to me / in a big bed.

I'm hoping it won't affect the way she sleeps at other people's as she's getting up for a bozy & she knows I'm not there,

Hopefully next time she stays there she'll be that taken by her new bed she'll forget to be a monkey !

Currently in bed snoring her head off like butter wouldn't melt making me wonder if I imagined last night !

It does limit options being in the same room, seems a bit pointless getting up in the wee & marching her all of one foot back to bed,

Think I'll stick with feeling okay as long as she goes to bed in her own bed no bother & spends the majority in there & not mine !

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