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Nap length for 14month old?

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Newfamily2014 Mon 04-May-15 20:59:35

Hello, my dd is 14months old. She now has one nap a day.

Just wondering what is the average length a 14month old naps for (I know depends on the child but just wondering on average). My dd used to nap for 3 hours but I now find that is too long as she then seems very awake at bed time.

mummy2pickle Mon 04-May-15 21:56:39

My dd is 13 months and has one afternoon nap. She normally goes between 1.5-2 hours but no later than 3pm otherwise I find she is harder to put down in evenings and takes longer to settle. Every baby is different but this works well for us and she's begging for bed come 6pm!!!

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