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When did you drop off the afternoon nap

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fairydust Wed 28-Apr-04 16:11:21

DD went into a bed about a month ago aged 2 - we've not had any majour problems apart from the fact it's 9.30 / 10.30 till she falls asleep even though sh'es been in her bed since 7.00.

Yestaday she didn't have an afternoon nap as we didn't get back till late afternoon and she was asleep last night at 7.45.

Is she to young to drop off her afternoon nap???

polly28 Thu 29-Apr-04 13:45:24

am sitting here listening to my ds 19months talking singing in his cot.He should have fallen asleep40 min ago!

Is he growing out of his nap? oh my god i hope not,he's had the occassional day without a sleep but I was hoping his nap would go on for atleast another year.

Easy Thu 29-Apr-04 13:46:55

I still have one whenever I get the chance !

Clayhead Thu 29-Apr-04 13:49:24

dd was just 2. Her bedtime came back from 9:30-10 to about 7 and has stayed there ever since. She does get slightly tired late afternoon but the change in routine suited her. We'd tried it before and it hadn't worked so we reverted back to the nap. She has several friends who stopped their naps then too, depends on the child, I think.

Easy Thu 29-Apr-04 13:49:56

FD, As I remember ds gave up his nap over a very long period of time, some days he had one, some days he didn't. I gave up putting him to bed in the afternoon, and let him nap on the sofa instead, so his nap didn't last as long.

He still occasionally naps after a later night, or a very active morning.

LIZS Thu 29-Apr-04 13:57:13

dd (32months) since February had all but occasionally dropped naps entirely. This last week though she has been nodding off again - I'd find her asleep on the sofa or whereever !Perhaps things will go back to regular no naps when she returns to playgroup next week ? We'll see !

Hulababy Thu 29-Apr-04 14:04:27

DD is just 2. She sometimes had a nap, sometimes not. Been like this for a couple of months or so. On sork days (3 days a week) she gets up at 6:45am, bed around 7:30pm. If in toddler room she will nap for about an hour with the others. When visiting the older children's room (more frequently now) she doesn't nap at all. May drop off in car on way home for 20 minutes but usually not.

On other days it depends what we are doing. We get up later and have same bedtime, soemtimes later. If I feel I need the break I will try and encourage her to nap in my bed in the dark for an hour. Sometimes she'll go longer if we have had a busy few days.

All varies. I think dropping her nap will be a gradual thing.

Sonnet Thu 29-Apr-04 14:12:51

my DD dropped her afternoon nap overnight - when she moved into a bed - she use to *love* her afternoon nap, asking to go down for a sleep BUT didn't want to in a bed!! - nature took its course I suppose as her night time sleeping didn't suffer.

WSM Thu 29-Apr-04 14:16:13

My 21 month old DD still has a daytime sleep of around 1 - 2.5 hours. I don't see her dropping it in the near future, she still needs it and enjoys it I think.

JanZ Thu 29-Apr-04 14:49:26

... never!

At least, not if his Mum and Dad have anything to do with it!

Seriously, though, ds (3.5) still needs his naps at weekends (he's at a childminder during the week, so it's her problem ). He might think he doesn't though....... but we'll find him asleep in front of the video. He'll sleep for a couple of hours, now normally on the sofa as he resists going up to his bed, but is much less cranky if he has it. It might be as late as 4 before he gives in, but he still goes down OK at night (bed time 8 pm)

We ARE lucky though! He's always been a good sleeper . But he is like his dad - up with the larks - but although he gets up at about 6, he knows not to come into our room until about 6.45 (later at weekends!). Somehow he knows the time!

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