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20 month old only sleeps 9 hours total in day

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8monthson Fri 06-Mar-15 08:05:21

I would be very grateful for any help that anyone has as I am struggling to cope with my 20 month DD who dropped daytime naps most days at 18 months and now hasn't napped in the day for 2 weeks and is only sleeping 9 hours at night (goes to bed no probs at 7pm and awake between 5 and 6 am). DD had been sleeping 12 hours at night with no daytime naps which I could cope with.....the problem is I have a 3 week old DS and with the night time feeding the lack of sleep and coping witha toddler for 13 hours straight in the day is getting to me. My DH is out of the house at 5.30 7 days a week and works 14 hour days so can't help much.

mrsmugoo Fri 06-Mar-15 13:47:44

7pm to 5am-6am is 10-11 hours' sleep. Sounds like that's the sleep she needs.

If the early starts that are mainly bothering you could you look to push bedtime back slowly so you're getting more like 8pm to 6am-7am?

purplemurple1 Fri 06-Mar-15 14:33:14

I'm a couple of months behind you, 18month old sleeps 7pm to 5am and 90min in the day. I was also thinking it was time to drop the nap but have been advised (on here) that it is the 18month sleep regression and to move the nap later if needed but don't drop it. If you want a later wake up also move the bedtime later.

I think in your position I would reintroduce the nap (initially by having quite time, then change it to quite time in her cot) as you may well find it doesn't affect her night sleep.

(I've also a little one, 7 weeks, things are starting to improve on the night feeds so hopefully your halfway through the worst of it.)

purplemurple1 Fri 06-Mar-15 14:34:13

Oh should add, mine isn't always tired at 7pm but he goes up anyway and sits in his cot and plays until he goes to sleep.

Jackieharris Fri 06-Mar-15 14:39:41

My DS didn't need much sleep as a baby/toddler.

10 hours once he'd dropped the daytime nap.

I didn't want woken before 8am (worked ft) so put him down at 10pm at night.

Worked for us.

8monthson Fri 29-May-15 20:27:46

Sorry I haven't replied and thanks to you all for your advice....I persevered with reintroducing a daytime nap and it has worked along with ditching gro bags for a duvet has helped plus as was able get put more with the baby and weather nicer have been trying to tire DD out with fresh air as much as poss! Ta ladies x

8monthson Fri 29-May-15 20:28:46

Should have read 'get out more with the baby' soz smile

FATEdestiny Fri 29-May-15 23:27:59

It's nice that you've come back to update. Glad to read you sorted things in the end.

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