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20month old ds waking up crying after every sleep

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Corky Wed 25-Oct-06 23:25:21

My son recently had an ear infection and used to sleep quite well. He would sleep from 7 until 7 and wake up quite happily chatting. Last week he woke up on the dot of 5am every day crying (nightmare as it was waking up my 4year old), if I went and gave him a cuddle he would snuggle in and appear to fall back to sleep. When I put him down and leave he gets hysterical. This week its 6am (not so bad) but doing the same thing. He also normally sleeps 2 hours+ at lunchtime but is sleeping 1hr/1hr 30 and waking up crying like the morning routine. I have tried consoling and it doesn't work, makes things worse I think and I've tried leaving him to cry - worked one morning after 15mins - should I just carry this on and let him cry? Poor dd will bear the brunt, but there is definitely something bothering him to wake up crying. He may well be teething - back molars last ones to come - but we put everything down to teething! Do you think he's developed a fear of the dark? Really didn't want to give in to a nightlight as dd1 has one.

phantomrantum Thu 26-Oct-06 17:57:51

Hi Corky, my ds is 21 mths goes to bed at 8.30pm and wakes at 6am most mornings - he often cries when he wakes because he wants to get up (he is still in a cot). He only naps for 1 1/2 hours during the day (and sometimes cries when he wakes after this nap) and this has been his pattern for several months now. This may be the wrong approach, but I just get up with him (he stops crying almost immediately), get him some breakfast and milk and accept that for the time being that this is all the sleep that his body needs. Sorry if this is not much help - the only thing I could suggest is a slightly later bedtime if you feel the morning sleep is more important. Also, I find that my ds slept a bit better in the summer because he was getting alot more fresh air from playing outside, not that there is much that can be done about the weather!

puffling Mon 30-Oct-06 08:55:26

We've found with ear infections that dd can't stand to lie down while awake. It seems that she gets more ear pain than when she's sitting.

sukyinnes Tue 07-Jul-09 17:34:51

i have the same problem with DD3 had ear infection one week ago and now screams at every nap/bedtime/night waking, standing up in cot hysterical, I think controlled crying is the only way forward but am yet to follow through! any advice on CC? please!
dont think scared of dark. have also changed room around in hope of making her feel less freaked out by cot. now i know she is being naughty. let me know if you find a solution..

ches Wed 08-Jul-09 03:46:59

Left over ear infection or teething pain.

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