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The basics of co-sleeping

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MuddyWellyNelly Mon 16-Feb-15 13:42:24

Only 16+6 so plenty time to plan, but to avoid me worrying about pregnancy I'm worrying about after instead wink. Could anyone explain the basics of co-sleeping to me? I'm almost sure it won't work for us as we sleep with duvets practically over our heads due to cold, and that's wearing thermals! As I understand it, one of the golden rules is no covers anywhere near baby? Also, if you have a side cot thing, how do you get out of bed? Do you move your bedside cabinet out of the room? Does the no duvet rule still apply with a side cot? What else would I need to know before ruling it out? Do you tend to do it with both parents in the bed or is it only safe with one?

And who would tell the cat she has to move!!! grin

IDidForLucyBeale Mon 16-Feb-15 14:05:58

Hi, I was absolutely against co sleeping before my DS came along with other ideas. I now co sleep with DD. I moved DS out at 6 months and plan on moving DD at the same age (so don't believe any of the rubbish about never getting the baby out of your bed).
There are guidelines on how to co sleep safely on line - for example on the NCT website (
You're right, you should cover the baby with your duvet as they can easily over heat. You could try putting on extra layers so that you don't get cold, this is what I did with DS. My DH currently sleeps in the spare room, so I sleep on one side of the bed with my duvet whilst DD sleeps on the other side in her sleeping bag. Basically, people find their own solutions.
A co sleeper side cot (such as the one from the NCT web site which is called the bed nest), means that you can use a duvet. You could also bring your cot next to the bed for a similar effect (yes - you'll have to move your bedside table, and climb around the cot). Either of these things mean that you aren't sharing a bed and therefore don't need to worry about the dangers of co sleeping.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! X

IDidForLucyBeale Mon 16-Feb-15 14:07:14

(Btw - my cats loves the co sleeper cot - we have to shut them in the kitchen. They are cross!)

Allstoppedup Mon 16-Feb-15 14:21:00

My DS is a December baby so arrived in the middle of winter! We have co slept from the start. it worked really well for us as he had reflux so was a terrible sleeper and fed A LOT!

I wore big thick P.Js with socks and had a thin blanket. When he was in a co-sleeper crib (first 12 weeks) I used to cover my legs with the duvet. I didn't use a pillow or anything. We got a blow heater too but always made sure the room wasn't too hot.

DS was usually in a vest, sleepsuit and grow-bag.

Allstoppedup Mon 16-Feb-15 14:24:20

Gah, posted too soon.

We moved our bedside cabinet, eventually DS came in with us with a bed guard, now he's bigger (14 months) he is in a toddler bed along side ours and we are slowly trying to move him into his own room.

With cosleeping, it's important to not co sleep when you've been drinking, smoked, done drugs/medicine or if you are very overtired.

Good luck and congratulations!

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 16-Feb-15 22:32:24

Thanks all, sorry been busy at work!

Hmm the problem is, in winter, we already sleep in fleecy Pjs with socks, and thermals, and a 13.5 tog duvet, and a full width/length throw over the top. Our house is rather cold! And I'd be worried that if we just left the central heating on we'd be bankrupt we would end up with too stuffy/hot a bedroom for the baby. That said, baby is due in July, and sometimes we take our socks off in the summer. grin. To be honest it's not my intention to co-sleep. I don't think I'd actually sleep at all, and I'm already a bit concerned about how I'll cope in the early stages. I whinge on 7.5 hours at the moment. Haha. But I want to have enough basic facts so that, in the middle of an exhausted fractious night, I can make a quick decision that doesn't require 3 hours of google research first!

Sounds like a side cot would be a possibility that wouldn't end up with a hypothermia case.

NoodieRoodie Mon 16-Feb-15 22:35:38

hot water bottles are your friend! I never intended to co-sleep but DS had other ideas so I layered up my top half then had the duvet up to my waist and a hot water bottle or two round my feet.

Threesoundslikealot Mon 16-Feb-15 22:45:31

We just didn't have the duvet on the baby but still had it on us - I've slept with the baby (both of them) in the crook of my arm with head on my upper arm, in a sleeping bag, and the duvet over me up to my rib cage I guess. And the baby lying on the sheet so the duvet tucked around my body. Both of us in the bed so if the baby was between us, I'd be on the edge of the bed to keep space between the baby and DH.

We had a bedside cot but neither went into it till they were a few months old. I had it below the bedside table and just got into bed the other side.

Threesoundslikealot Mon 16-Feb-15 22:53:06

Oh, and although it's against all the rules, the cats never went anywhere. None of them ever showed the slightest interest in approaching either baby and just stayed at the foot of the bed.

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 16-Feb-15 23:10:48

Is that in a 6ft bed, Three? With all the babies I mean, as well as your DH? (With the cats it doesn't matter - they seem to manage to fill most of the space you thought was for you, however big the bed wink.) We have a 5ft and don't see how I could safely get a baby in there too. DH is a heavy sleeper, so to be honest I don't think I'd ever do it with him in the bed. He also snores. I'm never getting to sleep ever again, am I? grin.

Noodie, I just can't imagine ever being able to sleep without the blanket/duvet tucked right up against my chin. Especially as DH would end up going to another room, so I wouldn't even have HIS warmth to help.

Threesoundslikealot Mon 16-Feb-15 23:30:44

No, a standard double. Might even be 4'6". And DH is a stocky 6'2" so not a tiny presence!

We've only ever co-slept with one child at a time, and 15 months was the longest, so no ginormous toddlers. We had a single night with our three year old recently (her one and only night back in our bed since leaving) and barely slept at all as she took up the whole space by herself! Her brother went into his own room around 8 months and has never returned either.

With both of them, once they started sleeping in the evenings, they'd start the night in the cot and then come in with us once we went to bed, sometimes sleeping through that and waking in the early hours to join us.

ThatsNotEvenAWord Mon 16-Feb-15 23:37:07

Fleecy onesies are great! Zip access for boobs as well wink

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 16-Feb-15 23:53:51

Ah HA! I knew my DH was a bed-hogger wink.

A onesie? Hmmm. Can't see that happening somehow! Hate the bloody things. They will look cute on the baby though grin.

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