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12 week old suddenly waking every 45 mins at night. Won't sleep/nap in cot anymore

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barmybunting Fri 13-Feb-15 07:22:08

My 12 week old DD was generally going to sleep around 9/10, waking at 3 and 6 for a feed and waking for the day at 8. We also had a decent routine of naps during the day starting. She has sleep in her co-sleeper cot next to us since we brought her home without too many problems.

However, for the last 3 nights she will sleep for about 2 hours, then wake every 45 minutes. This sleep is very restless but she isn't bringing up anything when we wind her at night. She has started to sleep so lightly I can't get her to settle in her cot at all for naps or at bedtime. If I put her in either drowsy or asleep, she wakes and cries endlessly. Similarly if I put her into it awake, she again just cries. Previously she had generally settled fairly easily with a bit of help from us with a band on her tummy. She does seem hungry when she wakes at the moment but I may just be imagining that in desperation to get her back to sleep!

Surely it is too early for signs of the 4 month sleep regression to be starting? I can only presume it is a growth spurt but it is unlike any of her other growth spurts! Any thoughts?

FATEdestiny Fri 13-Feb-15 19:47:54

12 weeks is a very significant growth spurt. I would put money on her suddenly unsettled, light sleep being due to hunger.

My DD increased her milk intake by 40% during growth spurts - a massive amount extra.

barmybunting Fri 13-Feb-15 21:48:39

Thanks FATE, she has had a feeding frenzy all day so I think it has to be a growth spurt. I hope so anyway, so at least there will be an end in sight!

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