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Continuous noises when my 3 week old sleeps

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Firstimemummy15 Fri 13-Feb-15 06:55:56

My little girl is 3 weeks old today - she is slowly getting used to being in her crib but mainly co sleeps with me and my partner. The last few days she has become very noisy when sleeping - she cries in her sleep, grunts, moans, you name it. Even if I pick her up and let her sleep on me she still makes these noises. Has anyone else had this, any suggestions on what it can be. I know this may sound stupid but the noises are pretty constant and really loud!

Trooperslane Fri 13-Feb-15 07:16:03

Yep. They make no noise to start with then it sounds like you have a small badger in the room wink

Cooper11111 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:17:00

Hi, this is totally normal. My daughter has just come out the other side of this at about 6 weeks, the noises were ridiculous and loud enough to keep us awake! The noises are guttural aren't they?? It's to do with mucus and remaining fluid from the birth and that their nasal tubes, throat etc are still widening. It will pass, I found it a bit if a relief to have them to be honest as with first baby I was constantly checking he was still breathing! No need for this with daughter as it was like a farm yard!!

FlossieTreadlight Fri 13-Feb-15 07:24:39

Normal and so irritating (but quite cute too) when you're trying to sleep, learn feeding cues etc.

We called my son Delia for a while because he sounded just like a pig (called Delia) we watched on telly who snuffled for truffles and oinked when she found one.

Firstimemummy15 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:45:05

Ah thank you all - reassuring to know this is the norm! My partner is such a worrier and left for work this morning panicking that it's not normal and asking me to take her to the gp, I thought us mums were supposed to be the irrational ones!!! Lol

Piratesloveunderpants Fri 13-Feb-15 07:46:42

Yup, wilderbeast baby, they are so noisy!!

WilsonWilsonWoman Sat 14-Feb-15 16:52:32

hee my dd was like this! The synchronised sneeze-trumps were the best grin

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