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6.5 month old sleep / self-settiling troubles after teething & cold

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ClareAri Thu 12-Feb-15 11:00:23

Hi all,

First time post here!

A couple of weeks ago I started to make some good progress getting dd to self settle in her cot for naps and during the night, to some extent. All was looking quite good which was a relief because we'd just gone through a fairly tough period of about 4 weeks where her sleep seemed to be deteriorating from chunks of 4 or 5 hours in the night to more like 2 hours, or even 45 minutes some of the time.

Around two weeks ago she had a bout of teething followed by a cold which is now pretty much gone. We also think she may have been having her 6 month growth spurt. Obviously during this time we have been happy to give her reassurance and extra night feeds / nursing. Trouble is, her sleep now is worse than ever - as though she's taken the opportunity to go back to all her old props. She will barely go near her cot without starting to cry and I'm now nursing her to sleep, using the dummy too, and have even gone back to co-sleeping for some parts of the night. I'm knackered and oh is quite tired too and pretty frustrated. It's put real strain on our relationship over the last week though we've sorted ourselves out now.

So - I've read the Baby Whisperer book and we've decided to try pupd though both oh and I feel pretty daunted by the prospect as dd just won't go down by herself right now. Not even close. Has anyone else been in a similar position where their baby has been poorly and it has ruined their sleep? Really am just after a little reassurance or advice from people who may have been in a similar predicament.

Some background; dd is ebf and doesn't take bottle, we're moving her to her own room on Saturday (which is when we plan to start sleep training properly), dd very healthy and VERY alert, has never been a great sleeper but did have a good phase of around 6 - 8 weeks where she was sleeping in 4 - 6 hour chunks. dd has three naps a day at fairly regular times (though in the past week or so this seems to have started to fall apart a bit). We've been using the EASY method.

Thanks so much for any input!

nyldn Thu 12-Feb-15 20:55:17

I feel like I could've written this about DS, 6 mo tomorrow. I'm eagerly waiting responses and please do continue to update. We put him in his own room 2 weeks ago (creaky floorboards were becoming too big of a problem!) and we're starting weaning this weekend.

I know he's been going through a growth spurt, he's currently got a cold and I'm certain I can see the gums opening for his 2 bottom teeth

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