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6 year old and 2.5 year old sharing a room and won't go to sleep!

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LadyCassandra Tue 10-Feb-15 23:48:24

How do you do it? We've tried everything, charts for the 6 year old (think the 2 year old may be too young but open to suggestions), split bedtimes, sitting in room. It all descends into chaos, with the little one hiding under the duvet on the top bunk and one of us losing it! We've tried just leaving them to it, but last night it was an hour and a half so nearly 9pm by the time we could relax and then all we want to do is go to bed ourselves!
Any suggestions?

Waterandtea Tue 10-Feb-15 23:53:39

Mine don't share at home (thankfully) but when we're on holiday/staying with friends then I put dc1 (5.10yo) to sleep in our bed first (he's v good at going to sleep, it's the 2.7yo who antagonises him and won't go to sleep if dc1 is in the same room) and transfer him later once they're both asleep, dc1 doesn't wake up.

Guess that might be trickier with bunks though but might be worth a try?

LadyCassandra Wed 11-Feb-15 00:00:57

Its so hard, we live in a tiny apartment so even if we put one to bed before the other, he is not so far away. Last night DH put DS2 to bed and left him in bed happily chatting to himself, while I read to DS1 in our room. He fell asleep while I was reading so i carried him to bed but DS2 jumped on him and woke him up and then we had an hour of messing about!
Its just soul destroying, i can't remember the last time they both just went to bed.
I had PND because of DS2s awful sleeping so this really stresses me out. They both sleep well once they are actually asleep but the getting them there is hell.

LadyCassandra Wed 11-Feb-15 11:53:21

Just bumping as we're not in the UK and I posted in the middle of the night there! smile

Artandco Wed 11-Feb-15 11:57:57

I would let one fall asleep in your bed. Then carry into own bed later on in eve. Probably whoever sleeps on bottom bunk , youngest?

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