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2 year old suddenly a nightmare being put to!

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newbie6 Mon 09-Feb-15 23:06:52


My son is 25 mths old and has always been pretty good going to bed until the last few weeks. We have always had the same bed routine and he would always go to bed drowsy but fall asleep himself. Bedtime starts about 6.45pm and he is put down between 7.15/7.30pm. I've done controlled cr Hong when he was about 8 mths old and that helped and worked quickly with him so since then whilst he has had blips, on the whole I know I've been lucky. I'm 6mths pregnant and don't think he really understands but he can now see my shape changing so not sure if this has unsettled him plus he has moved into a different nursery class at the start of Jan so appreciate this may also have unsettled him. He is a happy wee thing and whilst he cries when I drop him off at nursery they tell me within minutes he is fine and he has a good day. He naps anything from 30 mins to 1 hour normally after his lunch so again I'm not worried about him sleeping too much during the day. So....recently when I put him down he sits straight back up crying, I have tried leaving him but he stands up shouting for me sobbing. I've tried sitting with him till he falls asleep which sometimes works but I just feel it's not an ideal solution? Any suggestions?
Or, is this all normal and will he eventually grow out of it? I should say he is probably being more clingy with me since I've been pregnant so thinking he us picking up things may be changing soon?.

Thanks in advance!

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