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Help to undo the damage

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odi1 Sun 08-Feb-15 18:50:45

Hi I'm looking some help with getting my 10 month to sleep a bit better. She used to start the night in her cot the come into our bed when she woke up to feed but since she could stand up (about 3 months ago) she has been basically impossible to settle in her cot so she has been going to sleep with is when we go to bed.

I attempted a few methods and in desperation a gentle controlled crying but after three nights she wasn't settling within an hour and the article is used suggested in that case wasn't ready. The one time she did fall asleep with the controlled crying she woke up after 30mins and after an hour of going in every 7 minutes we gave up. And tbh I never felt comfortable leaving her crying and she seemed to get more distressed when we came in to her.

She is still breastfeeding and as I am back at work she has bottles in the day although she is not keen (never drink a bottle at nursery). So at night she is breast feeding a lot and has become a fixation around me where she breast feeds and won't stop! She starts to fall asleep and then bites me so I remove her and she becomes frantic. She can be distracted by my partner taking her or sometimes a drink of water so I don't think its hunger its just a big sleep association for her.

sorry this is such an essay, any tips to make this as gentle as possible ?

Tomkat79 Sun 08-Feb-15 19:46:46

Hi Odi

Does LO take naps in the day?

odi1 Sun 08-Feb-15 20:34:43

Yes sorry I forgot to put that in she has always been a bit of a cat napper and I keep reading that the better she sleeps in the day the better it is at night, but she really fights her sleep and rarely sleeps longer than 45 minutes twice per day

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