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Is this a phase? (Please, please tell me it is!)

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Millieash Sat 07-Feb-15 21:54:57

DD is 15 weeks old now. Used to sleep like an angel, nap loads and sleep 10 hours at night. She is exclusively breastfed and always fed to sleep, would fall off breast & put down then gone for the night.

This last week she will not nap unless on the breast or unless I can withstand about 1/2 hour of ridiculously loud screaming in my ear whilst I sing to her and eventually, I think she wears herself out. At night, she will scream from 7pm - 10pm unless on the breast. I feed to sleep, put down & she wakes up screaming. She also wriggles like mad during night feed until she drops off. I'm at 3rd feed since 7pm (it's now 10pm), she's snoring away on my lap & I'm afraid to move but so desperate for some sleep & to change position, back is killing me.

Is this normal? Is it a phase? How long will it last?! Also noticed that she's started pooping 3/4 times a day and often once at night or early morning.. Is this due to excessive nursing for comfort or could she be unwell? Not normal for her but does coincide with this fussiness..

Look forward to hearing your views!!

ct148 Sat 07-Feb-15 22:36:47

I could have written your post!! My dd is also 15 weeks and the past few nights have been so hard going. She wakes up a few mins after being put down & only wants to be on the boob. Previous to this I would feed to sleep but she would at least stay asleep when I put her down. She want an amazing sleeper but couldn't really complain. Different story now tho & I'm so tired, also have hyper 3 yr old Ds to look after during the day.

My dd is also doing loads of dirty nappies, I reckon she must have done at least half a dozen yesterday. Wondered about teething as she is dribbling a lot.

Millieash Sat 07-Feb-15 22:49:15

I wonder if it's teething, I know dd is definitely teething, maybe she wants comfort from that? I have no idea, just keep googling and thinking "could be that... Or that" but there's never a solution. My other half is currently walking around the house holding.. She grizzled every now and then. Just had a little breakdown, I really don't know what to do!

CurlsLDN Sat 07-Feb-15 22:57:55

Yes, it's a phase. I recommend you download the 'wonder weeks' app on your phone, it's bloody brilliant and has saved my sanity many times over the past nine months.
Babies go through 'leaps' as they call them in the app (otherwise known as developmental phases or growth spurts) at predictable times. At 15 weeks you are just at the start of one of these. At this time your baby is going through a big change which opens the door to new skills, but while the changes are going on baby is unsettled, clingy, quick to cry, and often reverts back to newborn style sleep.
It's all explained in the app, I can't recommend it enough! (I promise I don't work for them, I've just been thru 9 months of it already)

CurlsLDN Sat 07-Feb-15 23:00:16

Oh and aside from getting a better understanding to save your sanity, I can only suggest strong coffee for you and a sling for the baby (not at night, of course)

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Sat 07-Feb-15 23:01:04

16 week sleep regression. Best of luck thanks

CurlsLDN Sat 07-Feb-15 23:02:35

Oh god, just reread that second post and it sounds so patronising, I wasn't implying you have a poor understanding of your baby AT ALL, I meant reading about the leaps etc. Sorry, I hope my posts are of help to you, even though I ought to be asleep and I'm not making much sense!

DancingDinosaur Sat 07-Feb-15 23:03:27

Its the start of a big growth spurt. They feed all the time to build up your milk supply. I remember it well! It lasted about two weeks with mine, I was pulling my hair out by the end of it. Had I known thats what it was at the time it would have felt a lot better. The second time round I pumped a lot in between feeds to build up the supply myself before dc2 got to that stage. It made it a lot easier. Accept all the help you can, sleep whenever you get an opportunity, and ride through it. It will get better.

Millieash Sun 08-Feb-15 07:48:37

Haha don't worry CurlsLDN, I didn't think you were implying that I have a poor understand of my baby, though last night I felt like I did! She settled at 1am in the end! Worst night so far! I do have the wonder weeks app but so many people say it's all different things and I just don't know what to do with her... I guess just ride it out. Anyway, thanks for the replies, ladies! I hope you all slept better than I did!

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