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Grobag confusion, please help!

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fizzbuzz Sat 21-Oct-06 12:40:41

Why is the warmest grobag you can by 2.5 togs? My winter quilt is 13-15 togs, but I don't understand why the tog rating is so low on these sleeping bags. Are they warm enough for Winter? Our house is like Siberia in winter, and I can't see how they can be warm enough. Can anyone help?!

foundintranslation Sat 21-Oct-06 12:48:54

Remember how closely a grobag lies to the body. if you have a baby in a grobag with a sleepsuit and bodysuit underneath (3 layers - and it's the fact of layers that really makes the difference, not necessarily the thickness), it rwally should be warm enough.

Also don't forget how potentially dangerous overheating can be for a baby. If her hands are not cold as she sleeps (a bit cool is OK, and normal), she's warm enough.

hotpot Sat 21-Oct-06 13:37:51

Best thing I did was buy a £10 digital thermometer from Boots that told me the current temp, and the highest and lowest temps reached in the past 24 hours.

Therefore you know how cold it has got in the room and can look at the guidelines from grobag. But all babies are different and my ds1 loves being warmer than they recommend, he currentky goes to preschool wearing a scarf and gloves when nobody else is!!! He has always been like that

amijee Sat 21-Oct-06 14:50:57

Most of the grobags ( and blankets) have a guide to how much clothing/tog/blankets they should be wearing at what temperature. I find it a godsend as I am a cold person and would wrap my baby up too much if it were not for that. I've thought the same - I'm all snuggly under my thick duvet and he hasn't got much - he doesn't seem to mind though. I think he takes after dh and is hot blooded!

Flutterbye Sat 21-Oct-06 20:09:14

also the grobags are like a sleeping bag, all contained with no cold air getting in so they stay snug as a bug. With my ds when he was about 1 i did sometimes put him in a fleecy sleepsuit and the grobag in the deepest darkest winter, wouldn't do it with a wee one though.

NastyNemo666 Sat 21-Oct-06 20:11:29

grobagas are warm but we also have a cold house overnight so if bitterly bitterly cold I will put a cardigan on dd or sometimes a fleece sleepsuit but without the other sleepsuit underneath.

Pearisotto Sat 12-Nov-16 17:13:11

The ergo pouch sleep suit 3.5 tog is amazing. Has jersey arms and feet can be in legs or zippered to be a bag. All 3 of our kids wear these at the moment as ages from 0-4y!

Neverknowing Sun 13-Nov-16 13:20:37

Definitely buy a room thermometer the room should be between 16-20 and then your baby will be warm with three layers (bodysuit, sleepsuit and grobag) but make sure you don't put them in more than that because they can overheat smile
If you need help to warm the room a convection heater may help !

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