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How do we get newborn back in her Moses basket at night?

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Pico2 Fri 06-Feb-15 10:38:02

DD is 2 weeks old. We can put her in the Moses basket when deeply asleep and she stays there asleep. But at night, after a bottle, she wakes as soon as we put her down. We've got a Ewan the Dream sheep and we've tried rocking or putting a hand on her, but she wakes and cries. I end up sitting up in a chair with her until she is deeply asleep and I usually fall asleep then too. I think that the chair is relatively safe, but not ideal. DH sits up awake, but gets so tired that eventually he gives her to me.

We would rather not co sleep, but I am coming close to getting the cosleeeper cot attached to our bed.

Any ideas how to get her to sleep in her Moses basket?

Firstimemummy15 Fri 06-Feb-15 12:12:54

Hey, we are having the same thing! My daughter will sleep on me after a feed and I can out her in the crib but within 5 mins she disturbs, as soon as I hold her she is back to sleep! I'm nervous of co sleeping but have done it, while my partner stays awake - so maybe not quite the same! Think it is just perseverance - my daughter sleeps on me, in bouncer or on playmat during the day so I'm thinking I may move the crib during the day to the lounge to encourage her to sleep in it during the day. Your not alone and are doing a fab job - congratulations - they are so worth it xx

NaughtyDoggie Fri 06-Feb-15 13:04:46

We had this same problem. We used to put a hot water bottle in the basket when we took her out, and also a tshirt/vest top of something that I had been wearing and this seemed to work as she didn't notice the sudden change in being all cuddled up and then put back. When she was a bit older we started putting her down a bit more awake and letting her settle herself. We also used to put a couple of books under the top end so it was tilted as sometimes they are a bit refluxy without you realising and that can wake them up. I also found that being well swaddled helped, as again they don't notice that they are suddenly 'alone'.

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