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7 month old - should I continue to feed at night?

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Babybaby1982 Thu 05-Feb-15 12:19:42

Hi all, just after some advice really. My LO is nearly 7 months and usually wakes once at night. I've always fed him and he normally goes back to sleep quite easily once fed. He's bottle fed and will always finish 180mls. He's now eating solids well through the day and taking plenty of milk also, he's a big baby about 90 percentile for weight.

So my question is do I continue to feed him when he wakes in the night or settle him without feeding?

FATEdestiny Thu 05-Feb-15 12:25:41

why don't you first of all see if you can give a dreamfeed at 11pm (or whatever time you go to bed) and see if your LO can go 11pm - 7am.

At least that means you are not having to wake to give the feed. If that works, once established either reduce the amount of milk in the bottle for the dreamfeed or try not waking for it at all.

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