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Sleep help pleeeease

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sisihardman2014 Thu 05-Feb-15 10:39:41

My little boy is almost 4months old. We started a bedtime routine (bath, bottle, bed) which after a bit of fuss on the first few nights had been going well for the past 5weeks. He would sleep 7.30-2am, once even til 3am!
The 2 weeks or so has not been going well, with little one going down with a bit of a fight but not too bad. Sleeping from 8-12 only. I tried a dream feed at 11 and he still woke up at midnight.
The only way to settle him is to put him in our bed, I tried for over an hour to settle him and put him back in his bed. But he was inconsolable and I couldn't bear it anymore.
The only way he goes back to sleep is if he is completely cuddled in to me which means I keep waking up with a dead arm! He wakes up at least once an hour til 6.
I don't do night feeds anymore upon the advice and assumption that this will help him sleep through. He eats much more in the day now which is better, previously he was saving most of his feeding til night.
I really need some advice with what might have worked with you.
Thank yoooooou x

minipie Thu 05-Feb-15 12:20:22

Are you still giving him a feed at 11 sisi? If not then I'd say no feeds from 7.30-morning is quite unusual at under 4 months. I would definitely give him one night feed - either a dream feed at 11 or a feed when he wakes at 12. TBH two night feeds at that age wouldn't be unusual.

If he still wakes up hourly, even with one or two night feeds, then that suggests it's not hunger but more of a sleep association/habit. Sounds like you may be starting the 4 month sleep regression which is when sleep associations/habits really show themselves. You have two choices I think 1) ride out the regression doing whatever works best for now (ie have him in your bed) and hope he goes back to cot sleeping after that or 2) try some form of gentle sleep training now to get rid of the association. You could look up No Cry Sleep Solution or gradual retreat for ideas. Be warned these require a lot of patience and you will probably get more sleep in the short term by having him in your bed!

However any form of sleep training will not work (and is not fair) if he's hungry, so do make sure he's having at least one night time feed if you want to go down this path.

FATEdestiny Thu 05-Feb-15 12:22:02

4 months is a well known sleep regression time.

I have found with my DD (just over 4 months old) is that the sleep regression was because of her needing more calories. She has increased her daytime feeds significantly within the last week and likewise is waking early morning in a dummy-won't-do way. Only a feed will settle her when she wakes (she's been sleeping through since 8 weeks, so this is new).

I would therefore recommend giving a night feed. It won't last long, so don't worry. It's just during the growth spurt while his new calorie intake is established during the day.

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