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Grunting snuffling baby at night, OK to ignore?

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Qferrymum1 Wed 04-Feb-15 10:00:59

OK so this might seem a bit random but I could do with some advice. My DD (my first child) has - to my amazement - been sleeping from about 11pm to 6-7am almost every night for 10 days now (she is just coming up to 10 weeks). She is ebf and sleeps in Moses basket next to bed.

I appreciate this is unusual and maybe I'm just really lucky (for now...convinced this won't last) but what puzzles/worries me is that she is a really noisy sleeper, in that she has periods of grunting/snuffling/squeaking so much it wakes me up (so it's not like Im getting a great nights sleep unfortunately!) Initially I always picked her up and fed her, but then I realised she wasn't really awake during these times, and if I left her she would just go back to sleep without any intervention from me. But I honestly worry that I am misinterpreting her noises and that I should be feeding her, as it seems just too good to be true for her to be sleeping through already. I just hate to think of her being in her Moses basket and feeling hungry and being ignored. But surely the squeaks would progress to cries if that were the case?? She certainly has no problem crying during the day! And she is putting on weight like the clappers so no problem there.

Anyone else have a really noisy sleeper?? Am I just being totally paranoid?

FATEdestiny Wed 04-Feb-15 10:39:41

It's fine to ignore.

My DD was sleeping 11pm - 8am by 8 weeks whilst exclusively breastfed. It is not unheard of.

I used a dummy to settle her back to sleep from these waking times when she grunts and shuffles, rather than feeding. You could just ignore though. You've got the 12 weeks growth spurt coming, which may change this phase. But entirely possible to not feed anymore at night (I haven't, DD is 4 months now) if you have an alternate way to settle.

woo1980 Wed 04-Feb-15 14:59:19

My dd is nearly 17 weeks we are dreading the fourth month sleep regression thing and praying she won't be affected! However she sleeps from 8-11 when she has a bottle then approximately 11.30-7.30 during this period she grunts,rubs her nose and eventually moans till I replace her dummy. She doesn't have a blocked nose but sounds frustrated. She will settle, so can empathise with you. I am sure they would protest more if hungry.

senoritachiquita Wed 04-Feb-15 18:54:29

Yes - my dd2 (5 weeks) is the noisiest thing ever! She grunts and snuffles all night. I don't remember dd1 ever doing this to the same extent. I have been feeding her each time the grunts Wake me up as we share a room with dd1 and I don't want Her to wake up. But interested to see that perhaps I could ignore and she might stay asleep. I might try this tonight.

Kelly1814 Wed 04-Feb-15 18:56:37

Yes, totally normal, ours sounded like a farm animal in the room..

Amazing that yours is sleeping so well. Took mine 7 months do,even do 11-7 am.

SingSongSlummy Wed 04-Feb-15 18:57:57

Mine both did 11-7 from 8 weeks and were breast feed, so it's not that unusual. It did last despite everyone telling me it wouldn't! Mine were also big snufflers, which led to them going to their own rooms at 10 weeks (with breathing/movement sensor)!

Qferrymum1 Wed 04-Feb-15 19:06:23

Thanks glad to hear it isn't just me! Farm animal in the room is a very apt description. Seems like she might be going to her own room a little earlier than planned! As for the sleeping through, I will enjoy it while it lasts and keep my fingers crossed that he four month sleep regression (described as a 'blip' by my health visitor!) and teething don't screw things up completely...we'll see!

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