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I'm a stepmum needing a bit of help understanding a 3 y/o sleep pattern

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itskatelliott Sun 01-Feb-15 01:03:01

So as I've mentioned in the title I've been with my partner for a year and have recently moved in. He has three boys under 10 years and we have a good, happy relationship with I think the normal challenges that my partner has with a separated relationship with the boy's Mum.

The youngest child is 3 years 8 months and so doesn't sleep well. Of course this might be age difference - I'm not sure.

He will normally drop off to sleep ok when we give him a story at 8pm, and within a reasonable timeframe. He shares a small double bed with his 6 y/o brother who sleeps well. But he wakes 3-4 times during the night crying and he will have often got out of the covers and has started to feel cold. He doesn't wake up, but he cries loudly enough that it wakes me up.

He goes back to sleep for a few hours with either a warm hand on his back or being wrapped in a duvet. I'e experimented with leaving him and he doesn't settle down within a 30-60 minute period. As I'm not his natural parent I don't want to leave him longer than this and his dad hasn't experienced it with any of the others.

Long story short, should I:
- worry if it goes on or just make sure he gets enough sleep regardless of waking during the night?
- comfort him quickly and quietly, as I do now, or look out for illness?
- I've noticed sometimes doing a poo in his pullups during the night can set him off - how should I deal with that? Just ignore?

I would appreciate any practical advice - particularly as he's not my natural child I want to make sure I'm not missing something.

Thanks in advance.


cogitosum Sun 01-Feb-15 01:23:57

My ds is younger but id say sharing a bed probably isn't ideal and maybe 8 is a bit late and going to bed earlier may suit him better.

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