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9 month napping 4+ hours at a time

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epuclake Fri 30-Jan-15 18:54:53

I gave up on any sort of napping routine long ago, but have now accidentally ended up with one that involves (often) a late rise, a very late night and one massive daytime nap. It's not entirely unfavourable - I get a lie in, a large chunk of the afternoon to get on with housework, and often end up taking ds to bed at the same time as me which cuts out a lot of bedtime stress. I still can't help feeling that it's not a particularly healthy routine though. For example, we woke up at 11 today, had breakfast and a play, then went out to an appointment at 2. Ds fell asleep on the way home from the appointment, probably around 3, and is still asleep now, though I can hear him beginning to stir. He'll probably wake up in the next 30 mins, and stay awake til 11 or 12, when I go to bed. I feel like we've missed the entire day! He's only seen a couple of hours of daylight, and had breakfast at lunchtime. This routine has slowly evolved, so I don't expect he'll simply grow out of it, and think I should probably try to implement some changes now, I would really like to instigate a more 'normal' routine, whatever that may be. One that involves daylight and 3 meals ideally. However, at the same time I don't want some horribly rigid routine, I like that we kind of go with the flow. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might go about improving this sleep pattern? For extra information, he will only sleep these lengths in his pushchair, but will bf to sleep for shorter lengths, though will wake up agitated and irritable (and gives me no opportunity to get on with stuff as I can't move him from my lap). Night time sleep has never been great and he pretty much sleeps in with me, though I do try from time to time to get him down in his cot - often a horrible experience all round. Help! Any advice gratefully received.

epuclake Fri 30-Jan-15 18:57:19

Sorry for lack of paragraphs, I appreciate anyone bothering to read such an ugly big chunk of text.

Paloma12 Fri 30-Jan-15 19:07:27

Get up at 7
Getting ready
Go out and get the best of the daylight
Noon - lunch
1pm-3pm nap
Afternoon outing
5pm tea
6ish bedtime routine
7pm bed

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