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Kittykat42 Tue 27-Jan-15 20:37:59

Hi there I wonder if I could get some advice.
I have two sons and they are wonderful and very different. My youngest is six and a half months and we've had huge problems with his sleeping from word go. I initially noticed it in hospital, after when he swallowed meconium becore birth, after birth he found breathing, eating and sleeping difficult. He woke every half hour or so and was exhausted and difficult. We thought this would pass but in six months during the day he has never slept for more than 30 mins at a time. He has four 'micro naps' a day making up about an hour and a half if we're lucky. And at night- arg at night he wakes constantly. He is never asleep for more than an hour.

A wee bit feeding background I think is required though- he was bf from birth after a week long period of tops ups as he was finding feeding so difficult. He takes a dummy. We are in the process of weaning and he's a big boy so we're combining baby led and purees to fill him up. He is on three meals and has milk at six am/ bf at 10/ milk at noon/ lunch at 2/ milk at 4/ dinner at six/ milk after then we try for bed. He won't take snacks and I've never been able to 'top him up' like my first son- he just decides he's had enough and stops. For this reason he doesn't usually fall asleep on the breast which is good. So he's awake when we put him down and doesn't seem adverse to it. We have a wee routine including a wash, story and pyjamas and kisses from the family. So he knows where he is but wakes constantly. We sing him back to sleep or pick him up for a cuddle or he goes crazy. He doesn't seems to have gas. I do feed him through the night when nothing else works!

We have co slept from when he was small as we were exhausted however for my first child it worked wonders and he was comforted by it, but this time round it makes little difference. He still wakes, and even when he sees that I am there he still goes nuts.

We've been to the docs and he's perfect. The health visitors have no suggestions. Other than sleep he's a beautiful happy giggling gorgeous boy. It's just me and his dad that are at our wits end!!! I'm not looking for a miracle cure and are embarking on sleep training (not cio I couldn't do that)
I just want to know- has anyone ever heard of this before? I'm so worried we're missing something.

Kindest regards brew cake

HyperThread Tue 27-Jan-15 20:43:48

Could it be reflux causing his night awakenings?

Is he perfectly fine during the day?

Kittykat42 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:24:23

He's fine apart from his tiny sleeps- totally happy. I asked the doc the same question but he said not x

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