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4 month old won't sleep in cot on an evening

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Gingerbiscuit99 Fri 23-Jan-15 20:24:36

My son is about to turn 4 months and has never slept more than the first 45min sleep cycle in his cot on an evening. He goes down drowsy and most of the time will put himself to sleep. Once he wakes after that he screams blue murder and will only sleep if he is held. If you try and put him down even after an hour or so, he immediately wakes and starts screaming again. I do a dream feed at about 1030 and then he will go into the cot fine and sleep for a good few hours without a peek. Tried doing it earlier to see if meant he would go down earlier but no.

Just wondered if any one had any experience of any thing like this and any tips on anything we could be doing to stop the 45min wake up. I am reluctant to start sleep training at this point and don't like to leave him to cry for more than a few mins as he then gets harder and harder to settle at all.

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