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Deep confusion over best course of action

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Katekoom Mon 19-Jan-15 09:29:18

Our LO is now 9 days old, for a few days she settled in moses basket after a feed but ended up in bed with me in the wee hours feeding last two nights she's cluster fed - leaving me exhausted - and has fallen asleep on her side on my chest. I have then drifted off like this too. If i try and move her she wakes and cries for more milk.

I'm not against co sleeping, nor am i for it as such. I'm happy to do whatever is right, but i do want her to be able to sleep in her basket before too long. I know she's still only tiny but am i introducing a bad habit? How can i get her in that basket? Should i wait until feeding is more settled?

TheEagle Mon 19-Jan-15 09:38:25

Personally, I think 9 days old is far too tiny to get into any bad habits. Your baby still thinks they are a part of you.

If you read up on safe co-sleeping it will put your mind at rest about having her in the bed beside you.

If you're not comfortable with co-sleeping, some people recommend warming the Moses basket sheet or placing an item of your clothing/a breastpad into the basket so baby can smell you.

In these early days and weeks, night feeding is your baby's way of putting in their order of milk for the next day and this helps build your supply.

It won't last forever, it will go by very quickly and suddenly you'll miss those sleepy milky snuggles!

Definitely look up co-sleeping and safety because it's not very safe for baby to sleep on your chest while you are sleeping - might be easier for you to feed lying down and then you can both get some rest.

Congratulations on your new baby!

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