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Help pls- establishing future sleep habits (good and bad experiences!)

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hotfuzzra Sun 18-Jan-15 20:53:01

Hi all
I have a 6wo DD and while I'm in no hurry to set a routine or try and rush things I'm aware that I need some help.
Last week from Mon-Weds she didn't nap in the day at all. At first I wasn't too concerned as at the moment she sleeps brilliantly at night (between 7-10 hours, solidly) and I thought this would be ok. However I met with some friends on Weds and their little ones were asleep nearly all of our meet up, so I started looking in to napping and found out its importance for development, happiness, improved night sleeping etc and in retrospect I realise she was getting more and more upset in the evenings - classic overtired.
So I've subsequently read Pantley's No cry nap solution which I found really helpful. It's given me loads of tips on spotting her sleepy cues, and given me lots of tips to settle her when she is sleepy. Thurs onwards she's been napping relatively well.
However, it has exclusively been in someone's arms or in our moby wrap.
At this point, 6 weeks, I'm not worried about it but I'm trying to work out how and when I should be getting her to nap lying down, and if anyone's got any tips about what worked well, and also not so well.
I have started playing white noise every time she naps, and using a pacifier. I hope she will associate this with nap time and make things a little easier when we want to move to getting her to lie down. I'm thinking about getting a swing chair in the interim, so at least she will be rocking but not relying on contact.
She's EBF if this makes any difference.
I'd be really grateful to hear anyone's views, I may well be over thinking things and I'm perfectly happy with her sling napping NOW, but in the future when I have to start doing housework and DH becomes less willing to do everything! this will be impractical and I'd love some advice about transitioning to lying down sleeps. I'd also be grateful for recommendations for sling chairs. Thanks in advance!

chocciechip Mon 19-Jan-15 10:30:30

Hotfuzz - I'm amazed at your DD sleeping 7-10 hours at 6wo, especially for an EBF baby. How much does she weigh?

hotfuzzra Mon 19-Jan-15 10:40:12

I had her weighed two weeks ago and she was 10lb4oz so she'd put on just under two pounds since birth.
I just think I'm very lucky!! I know things will change at some phase, I'm just enjoying it while it lasts smile

chocciechip Mon 19-Jan-15 11:23:06

I am definitely no expert, but I think she should be still getting feeds in the night. I would be concerned about 10hrs especially at that age and weight. My DS is about the same weight and did a 7hour stretch recently, which our HV said was abnormal (but he'd only had 30 mins sleep total the previous day - suffers from reflux). Please don't be alarmed by me because I'm not an expert. Check with your HV if you shouldn't be waking her to feed in the night. She might just say if she's gaining weight, content etc then don't worry.

My guess is that she might not be napping during the day because she's needing to get her calories in the day.

DS doesn't nap either, but he has reflux so we think it's that.

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