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benbearsmama Sat 17-Jan-15 20:49:54

Please help, we'be dug ourselves into a huge hole and I cant see a way out!

DS is 13 months old and still partially reastfed. We started out well enough in his cot, but then when he started teething it all fell apart. It's literally been one after the other after the other with his teeth, at 13 months he's now cutting his 12th tooth, so hes been waking throughout the night wanting to nurse, so we somehow ended up co-sleeping.

We've reached the point now tho where enough is enough, we can't even seem to get him in his cot anymore without him waking, my husband and I are shattered and barely see each other anymore because one of us has to go to bed with DS to make sure he doesn't roll over and fall out of our bed.

My husband struggles to keep putting him in the cot after each waking because he gets up at 5 for work and has to drive 90+ miles each way, and I struggle because as soon as he sees me he wants milk, and we need to stop him feeding in the night to make sure he's not waking out of habit. He used to self soothe by sucking his fingers but stopped about 2 months ago (presumably because teeth got in the way) and refuses a dummy. I'm really not a fan of controlled crying and don't think I have the will power to do it.

So how do we get him in his cot and keep him there all night (preferably without waking!)?

Help. Please help.

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