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21 month old - previously great sleeper!

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LondonLancashireRose Fri 16-Jan-15 14:20:36

My DS is 21 months old. Since he was about 10 weeks he has been a brilliant sleeper, going to bed easily at 7pm and sleeping at least 12 hours, only really waking up if he had a cold or a full nappy.

Over the past month though, this has completely gone out of the window! He has started screaming when we put him into the cot, and not going to sleep unless we leave his door open with DH or I sitting in the hall where he can see us. Eventually he does go to sleep, but then wakes up any time from 11pm to 4am in an absolute rage! Doesn't want to be picked up, doesn't want to be patted or his tummy rubbed. If we do pick him up, (and depending on who goes in to him, he always wants to the other one!) he then doesn't want to be put down and starts tantrumming in our arms if we try. And he screams so loud! It can go on for 2 hours at a time Our poor neighbours!

We can't work out what is causing this change, and how we can get our great sleeper back! Any ideas? Our routine hasn't changed, DH has been a SAHD for 11 months now and they are very close. He has been making extra efforts to tire him out during the day but to no avail. We are both exhausted - but DS doesn't seem additionally tired in the day at all!

Any words of wisdom most gratefully received!

LondonLancashireRose Fri 16-Jan-15 19:51:32

Bumping hopefully!

NoNoNoooooo Sat 17-Jan-15 09:59:27

Just to say you're not alone. My DD is 22 months and the same except she does want to be picked up and cuddled and can be awake for up to two hours. Waking time can be anywhere between 12 and 6. She also used to self settle at 7pm but now needs company or she screams the house down. I'm also at a loss what to do. Maybe just needs riding out, but I worry about my neighbours!

NoNoNoooooo Sat 17-Jan-15 17:06:04

I've been reading up on sleep training all day. I've decided that for us the trick will be to get her back to self settling at bedtime, then if she stirs during the night she'll hopefully settle herself. Usually bath in morning and night time bottle is downstairs. So I'm changing that to an upstairs wind down and bedtime routine. Upstairs for a bath (take milk up) get into pyjamas in dim lit bedroom, sleeping bag and milk and cuddles, then into bed and a story, then lights out but I'll stay with her. Going to see how that goes tonight. I'll report back tomorrow. Also going to be firm and not lift her once she's in her cot...I thinkconfused (again worried about the neighbours with this as she's very determined when she wants something) also trying a flat pillow tonight.

LondonLancashireRose Sat 17-Jan-15 21:18:59

DS did self settle tonight with a half open door but no-one sitting outside. Not sure if this will have any impact on his waking in the night.

Good luck to you and your DD!

NoNoNoooooo Sun 18-Jan-15 10:58:38

How did you get on last night LONDON?

DD went to sleep in her own bed but with me in the room but that's progress on last week. She woke at 4-5:30 and was crying and screaming so I lifted her out as I don't want to disturb next door.. Argh!
I'll stay strong on bedtime and improving that and hopefully it will have a knock on effect.

LondonLancashireRose Sun 18-Jan-15 13:32:02

He woke at 9.30 for around 10 mins, but then again at 3.30 for two hours sad Poor DH was grey with exhaustion when I left for work this morning.

NoNoNoooooo Sun 18-Jan-15 15:23:27

Oh no!
It is exhausting, really knocks you for six now. I've had DD at the park for an hour in the hope some fresh air may help.
I've been reading loads and it seems very common at this age, along with suddenly becoming a fussy eater...
DD keeps asking for her bath as she usually has it after breakfast grin
I'll go through the routine again tonight and try and stay consistent. Also trying to get her to eat a bit more incase hunger is waking her.

Do you have any new ideas?

LondonLancashireRose Sun 18-Jan-15 18:12:25

Not one! Have been reading the Mumsnet sleep pages this afternoon this afternoon to try and find something new to try.

Will talk to DH about controlled crying I think. Not sure if I can bear it though - plus we live in a mid-terrace....

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