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Weighted blanket?

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knittingirl Fri 16-Jan-15 09:20:43

Does anyone have any experience of weighted blankets for little ones?

My 17 month old is a very high energy kid, and really struggles to unwind to sleep at the end of the day. Last night, he spent an hour wandering round his cot, playing, lying down for periods of 10/20 seconds during which time he'd flap an arm or kick a leg, before finally dropping off... and then two minutes later suddenly sat bolt upright again for a minute, but his eyes were mostly closed, then lay down, sat back up, and finally lay down and stayed put. It seems like he has to get literally so tired he can't physically stay awake any more before he'll lie down and go to sleep. He also wakes up multiple times in the night (he has never slept through). I was wondering if a weighted blanket might help to relax him, and help him calm down more easily.

Flowerfae Fri 16-Jan-15 09:26:08

Hi, my 10 year old who has autism has a weighted blanket, it does calm him down because he likes the feel of pressure against him so I think it depends, your little boy could love it or hate it (he might feel restricted). You do have to take them off when they are asleep though due suffocation risk smile

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