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Freezing cold hands :(

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Bellyrub1980 Fri 16-Jan-15 08:08:34

My 9 week old baby sleeps in a sleeping bag. The temp is always around 19 degrees. She sleeps really well. However, her hands are always freezing, especially first thing in the am (she sucks her fists a lot which makes them wet and even colder).

I've tried mitts, socks, and fleecey socks (yes, on her hands!) but it nothing seems to keep them warm.

Is it normal? Does it matter?

Seeline Fri 16-Jan-15 08:22:02

If it's not waking her then I wouldn't worry as long as the rest of her feels warm. My DD used to feel chilly in a sleeping bag, so I used to put a jumper on over her baby grow - she slept better that way. She's 10 now and still feels the cold just like me .

GotToBeInItToWinIt Fri 16-Jan-15 08:42:41

Yes it's normal, babies can't regulate their temperature like adults so often have really cold extremities. That's why you're told to gauge their temperature by feeling the back of their necks rather than their hands and feet. If it's not disturbing her then I would just leave her, it sounds like you're dressing her properly for the temperature.

WhineWhineWINE Sun 18-Jan-15 20:38:30

Mine always had freezing cold hands at night. If they're warm otherwise I wouldn't worry.

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