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All of a sudden fighting naps and waking early - what to do?

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Highlove Thu 15-Jan-15 10:51:11

Dd is 10 months. She's all of a sudden started waking up about between 4-5am and can take a hour or two to properly go back to sleep - I'll go in, give her a tummy rub and shush her then leave (she self-settles well) and she'll be asleep again in minutes, only to wake five minutes later. This goes on for an hour or two. I've tried not going in but she just gets worked up.

At the same time, she's started to fight every nap and they're often not as long as they were. I've tried doing longer and shorter wake times but hasn't made a difference.

Here's what a day typically looks like: wake at 6.30ish and comes in with me and sleeps till about 8, nap two-ish hours later for 30-60 mins, nap three-ish hours later for 60-90 mins, bed and asleep by about 7. She has one BF overnight.

So...any advice? Do I need to drop a nap? She's slways been a pretty rubbish sleeper but after much effort we'd improved things so I'm a bit fed-up that things have deteriorated again. All suggestions welcome!

Highlove Thu 15-Jan-15 17:24:10

Anyone? eeve had a particularly rubbish day, dreadful naps, presumably as she's really over-tired. And she won't eat when she's tired. Feeling a bit tearful about it this evening as I just don't what to do. And I'm a worse mum Because I'm really frustrated with things. Aaahhhh.

mrsmugoo Fri 16-Jan-15 22:11:25

If I were you I would get up and start the day at 6:30am and push morning nap back to 9:30am - so a 3 hour awake time.

2 hours does seem like quite a short wake time, especially after such a lot of sleep overnight.

Ticklepot Thu 22-Jan-15 19:27:23

My just 10 month old is doing the same thing.
This week she has fought naps bitterly and twice now not had an afternoon nap at all. Tuesday she had 2 hours 9.30 -11.30 then nothing till bedtime. Today it was 45 mins 9.15-10am and would not sleep in buggy this afternoon despite being wheeled around and wobbled for an hour or more. Its exhausting. She wakes early, but (touching wood) so far seems to go back down with a breastfeed till 6ish most days (not today!)
No answers, but you're not alone.
Ive read loads that says its pretty normal at this age as they are going through massive developmental changes, my DD just learnt to crawl this week and is certainly far more aware of her world in the last week or two in all sorts of ways.
I'm just following the advice to continue to offer and encourage two naps… trying (unsuccessfully at time) not to get too stressed out about it, and just going with the flow. Apparently they will fall back into napping reasonably well again sometime in the not too distant future!

Batmam Thu 22-Jan-15 23:17:31

Is she a good eater? Could she be more hungry because of a growth spurt?? Or could she be cold? My DS often wakes early and his hands are cold (gro bag) so I wonder if that's why.

Don't know what to suggest but know how hard it is so you have my sympathies! I'm sure you're a brilliant mum, this is just your tiredness talking. Try to go to bed really early to help you cope if only I could take my own advice

munchingmikeeatsanapple Thu 22-Jan-15 23:23:16

It's the 9 month sleep regression both of mine were terrible at 10 months , worst stage by far , hopefully it will only last a week or two ....

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