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Pillow for 6 month old

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Littleblueowl Wed 14-Jan-15 19:36:26

My 6 month old son sleeps like a dream when lying supervised on a pillow on our bed or in his cot. However, i'm very aware of the risks of SIDs associated with young babies using pillows so i won't allow him to sleep with it at night or when i am not sitting constantly supervising - this being said, he doesn't sleep well at all without it, stirring constantly and very unsettled.

I've been looking at pillows such as the 'Clevamama Clevafoam baby pillow', recommended to stop plagiocephaly, and i'm wondering if this would be something safer to use?

Does anyone have any experience of using pillows for 6 month olds?

Thanks in advance!

LIZS Wed 14-Jan-15 19:41:31

Can you put it under the mattress or is it the texture he likes in which case maybe use a softer sheet

jingscrivvens Thu 15-Jan-15 13:31:37

We used the clevermama pillow from 6 months as DS was too big for his hammock and was going into his cot, and thought he might not like lying flat on the bed. He was absolutely fine with it, and even when he started to turn over and sleep with his bum up in the air he could breathe with no problems. Bought him the toddler one too at about 12-14 months and he loves this one even more, he sleeps with his hand underneath it like I do!

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