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11-week-old only sleeping when overtired

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upnorth11 Wed 14-Jan-15 15:44:39

Please help someone and sorry for the long post...

My dd is 11 weeks today. She is always extremely alert and doesn't do naps during the day. She'll only fall asleep when over tired in her maxi cosi -in the car or stuck on pram tightly tucked in as if swaddled while walking outside. I mustnt take her out once she's asleep. Putting her in esp atm with snowsuit is a drama.

She sleeps then for 3 to 4 hours (from 11ish till 3.30pm) then is awake until she's so wired again at night, she falls asleep swaddled on boob or tired from crying between 8 and 9.30 pm and sleeps till around 5am or 6 in her sleepyhead mattress. Today I got her back to sleep after the morning feed for another 1.5 hrs by lying her next to me. Of course the sleeping through bit is great, but I'd it can't be healthy for her to be awake for such long periods but then screaming herself to sleep.

She doesn't fall asleep on the boob during the day btw. I see her yawning and rubbing her eyes but all the tricks won't work. No rocking, patting, putting her down etc. I also tried swaddling her during the day and feeding her. She screamed and hated it once she finished feeding.

Please is this healthy? How can I promote her to fall asleep more easily?

Thanks for reading x

splendide Wed 14-Jan-15 15:54:31

I dunno. Sounds kind of amazing to me to be honest! Maybe that's just how she's built at the moment? My 11 week old is a bit like this but without the sleeping through. He normally has a little nap in the morning and then sleeps 1-4pm then that's it really till bed apart from little snoozes on the boob in the evening sometimes.

Ljm2403 Wed 14-Jan-15 21:09:29

My 5 wk old DD is like this, far too interested in the world around her, sometimes leaving her under the muslin when BF'ing in public helps as it means she isn't distracted, I've done this at home too. I'm coming to the conclusion it's a "phase" or she's just s catnapper but I'm at a loss similar to you. We're told that newborns shouldn't be awake for my than 1hr at a time, yeah right, you tell my DD that. She had 4+4 hrs in her caboo sling the other day then was awake that night from 2-5am which is unlike her so perhaps it is just her way!? Sorry not really help or advice but just to let you know you're not alone.

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