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Routine/advice for early riser/catnapping 12 month old

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Deduct37 Tue 13-Jan-15 07:04:13

Any advice or examples of routines people could share for 5am wakers who will not have long naps through the day please?? We sometimes have 6am get ups which are much more acceptable but they seem to be becoming less frequent these days. We currently try to do
6am up and out of cot
8.00 nap for 45 mins
12.30 nap for 1 hour 30 (this is usually 30-45 mins but I try to persist)
6.00 bed.
Background info is she's never been a good napper and morning get up time has never been predictable used to be anywhere from 5-8!! Generally the more day sleep she gets the longer she sleeps in the morning. She self settles for sleep and naps. We have experimented with later bedtimes but she still gets up at 5 and it's more difficult to get her back to sleep. If she wakes at 5 and we can't get her back to sleep, she's yawning within an hour of waking. We have tried longer and shorter wake times for naps. Sometimes we can extend them but generally not. We have tried 3 mini naps a day which seemed to work for a while but then it was getting later and later for the last nap. Think I've tried to cover everything as I'm desperate fir some advice

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