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Two year old sleep problems

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Sleeppurleeze Sun 11-Jan-15 16:49:47

My ds is two and a half and is currently waking every night two or three times. This seems to have started since about a month ago when he was ill and I stroked his hair till he fell asleep. Now he's fine and I've gradually been trying to have less contact as he falls asleep. He still wants me to sit by him but I'm trying to move away to outside the door. This means last night I spent an hour or more constantly patiently and gently re tucking him in as he's up every two minutes. He eventually fell asleep alone but it made no difference in the night.
My question is, is it worth doing what I'm now doing at bedtime? Is this sleep training? Or am I wasting my time? Has anyone else had similar experiences with a two year old suddenly not sleeping anymore? Any support, ideas for what I can do, or shared experiences would be really welcome as I don't know where to go with this. Started a sticker chart last night but he seems to young for it to work.
After four years of sleep deprivation with my oldest I'm really hoping this phase isn't going to go on and on!

CityDweller Tue 13-Jan-15 09:34:29

No advice, just sympathy. It seems very common for sleep to go to shit around 2yo (I'm having issues with my 21 mo). A friend with older kids assured me yesterday that it will pass, but I'm not sure how one gets through it without introducing bad sleep habits.

Sleeppurleeze Wed 14-Jan-15 09:41:05

Thank you for your comment CityDweller. It's actually now escalated with him awake crying or tantruming in the night for one to two hours. He won't go back to sleep unless I'm in the room and if I sneak out while he's drowsy he cries or follows me. I'm thinking of sleeping in there tonight when he wakes, as I'm so tired, but don't want to create a new problem that it's hard to go back from. Has anyone been here/ got any support or ideas?

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