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toddler coughing at night only any advice?

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milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:18:19

he is 2 yrs old and has a minor cold but when he lies down he coughs all night - any advice

cerealqueen Sun 11-Jan-15 13:21:57

prop the bed up at the headboard, a humidifier, Vicks on the soles of feet with socks on top, olbas oil on a hanky are all things I do

milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:23:33

thanks, tried propping the bed but he slides to the bottom of cot! how do you prop it?

amidaiwish Sun 11-Jan-15 13:24:04

Use an extra pillow. Turn down/off the radiator and give him warmer bedding.

milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:25:08

a pillow under the mattress?

lem73 Sun 11-Jan-15 13:27:09

I agree with everything said but if it persists despite following the advice I would take him to the gp. DD had similar symptoms and she was given an inhaler.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Sun 11-Jan-15 13:28:05

Mine does the same - has a couple of coughing fits every night, sometimes waking him. Today I am changing all his bedding, hoovering every inch and airing out his room, but watching with interest!

milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:31:07

i think my ds cough is caused hy the extra mucus as a result of his cold, i heard onions work?!

amidaiwish Sun 11-Jan-15 13:36:50

Pineapple juice is good.
Does he have a pillow? You need to raise his head.

milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:43:26

no, he tends to wriggle about so much at night, so not sure he'd stay on a pillow.

octopal Sun 11-Jan-15 13:45:36

Sometimes a night cough can be a symptom of asthma. I would get it checked out.

milkyman Sun 11-Jan-15 13:58:35

even if it only happens when he has a cold and lasts only for a couple of nights?

FluffyRedSocks Sun 11-Jan-15 14:04:12

No idea but lurking as dd has exactly the same.
It sounds really Mucas-ey, and her chest rattles in the day, but no coughing.. I haven't got round to taking her to the drs blush

sweetboysmum Sun 11-Jan-15 18:43:18

Hi, I would also say that if it's a regular thing when your child has a child, I'd get it checked out. In dealing with it just now, i agree with advice you've received already. My DS who is now 6, has an inhaler. He only needs to use it 2 or 3 times a year when he gets a cold (goes straight to his chest). Saying that, I've been coughing loads recently at night and I usually have no chest problems at all.

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