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Baby hates her moses basket

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Yorkiegirl Tue 20-Apr-04 09:42:46

Message withdrawn

aloha Tue 20-Apr-04 09:48:52

My ds hated his moses basket too. Don't worry about having the baby in bed with you. If you haven't been drinking or smoking and you don't overheat the baby it is really very safe to have her in with you and it won't last forever. Then you can pop her into a cot in your room. My ds was happier in a cot. Still slept badly but that was just him.

twiglett Tue 20-Apr-04 09:52:05

message withdrawn

Jaybee Tue 20-Apr-04 09:52:42

Both of mine hated their moses basket - I was fortunate to have a three-in-one pram system and they were happy to be in the pram during the day so I just used the carrycot part on the moses basket stand at night - if you are worried about her sleeping in your bed then try her in the cot or even move the cot into your room.
Congratulations on the new arrival by the way - what's her name?

kiwisbird Tue 20-Apr-04 10:00:16

I put both of mine striaght into a smaller than standard cot with some light swaddling, they both settled really well this way and didn;t startle
Good luck!

aloha Tue 20-Apr-04 10:26:59

You could also try swaddling, which will prevent the startle reflex which is making her bang her arms on the side of the moses basket.

Browbeaten Tue 20-Apr-04 10:33:25

Both of mine hated the Moses Basket and ended up in our bed. My SIL put her 2nd baby straight in a big cot with rolled towels under the matress edges to make a sort of basin effect. She swears it worked for her, though I did try it and it didn't work for me.

gloworm Tue 20-Apr-04 10:37:14

both of mine hated moses basket. we put them in cot in our room. lots more space for them, arms dont reach sides of dont wake themselves up.
baby number 2 has slept in cot almost from begining (i kept her in bed with mw for first month, breastfeeding after section was my excuse!).
our first baby has slept in bed (same reason), then slept in pram, until we got around to buying a cot and then moved into cot no problem.

Yorkiegirl Tue 20-Apr-04 17:33:15

Message withdrawn

PopeyesPiece Wed 21-Apr-04 10:31:54

My friends told me not to bother with a moses basket but I was lured into buying one and dd only settled in it in the day, no idea why. At night she mostly slept with me until she moved into a cot at about 4 weeks ish. Still was in our bed most of the time anyway but I was paranoid about that.

Suzeyshoes Thu 18-Jun-09 13:58:29

Everybody feels differently about the idea of pooing in front of their partner and I didn't like the thought either!
I told my obstrician that I was concerned the fear of pooing would put me off pushing properly and she advised to use some glycerine suppositories (you can buy them in any pharmacy) as I started labour.
They are totally harmless and I don't know if it was down to them or pure chance but i definitely didnt poo

Suzeyshoes Thu 18-Jun-09 13:59:38

Hilarious..just posted that under the wrong topic!!

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