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Food intolerance causing bad sleep ????

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Sophc2511 Sat 10-Jan-15 11:56:50

Hi , I'm new to this forum ! My little one is 13 months old and has never been the best sleeper ( never slept throigh) anyway over the past few months it has got worse and is awake every 30-60 mins after going to bed. ( bedtime at 7 starts to wake around 8) He goes to bed with ease put him in his cot pat his back and his gone without 1-3 minutes. However it's keeping him asleep that's the problem ! After lots and lots of research ( and no help from doctors!!) I have come to the conclusion that my little one could be suffering with a food intolerance. He has a history of allergys/intolerances he had milk allergy when he was younger and was on nutramigen which sorted the problem of constant upset and tummy pains as soon as he was switched to that formula. We kept him off all dairy when weaned but when he was approaching one we was told my pead to reintroduce so over Christmas he had some dairy as was reintroducing it and didn't show any signs of upset but we took him back off as I thkight it could of been one of the problems his sleep was getting worse. However it still continued! now I think maybe soya could be the problem as when he turned one I moved him onto a soya junior milk and the wel has got worse since this time. He has had soya yoghurts since around 6 months aswel. Has anybody had anything like this with thre little ones ! Food intolerances causing sleep problems ! I could just be clutching at straws here and putting two and two together but I am desperate for answers !!!

Sophc2511 Sun 11-Jan-15 08:10:49

Can Anybody help ??
After my little one stayed at the grandparents house last night ( he was in same room as them , usually on own room) he did the same awakenings as at home and they have said they think it could be soenthong to do with reflux / acid as they noticed he was fine fast aeep downstairs which he was sitting upright and then as soon as he was lying down he began to fidgit about the bed and cohldnt keep still he then cried out every 30 mins and kept tuckong his legs up as he tried to go back to sleep , does anybody think this could be a problem ?? Please answer some body

jemima1988 Sun 11-Jan-15 12:31:58

hi I'm really sorry I didn't want to read and run ..... my ds is 3 months and I have just found out he is lactose intolerant and I've been having the same problem! really hope someone comes with an answer for you as I'm sure it would help me too xxthanks

Sophc2511 Sun 11-Jan-15 14:51:33

Is your lo on a special formula now ? If yes how's he getting on with it ? Xx

Chickz Mon 12-Jan-15 22:01:41

You could try propping up his cot to see if that helps.
Are his poos funny? Any rashs? Any sign of tummy ache?
You could try elimating any suspecting foods for a few weeks and see what happens.

Sophc2511 Tue 13-Jan-15 14:51:36

I've tried putting a pillow on the cot so he is elevated. His poos are normal same as always and no rashes and the only time I notice tummy ache is during he night. I've put him on gaviscon infant sachets and the wakings in the night have gone from every 30-60 mins to just 5 times the first the first night 3 times the second night so fingers crossed it is doing the trick ! X

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