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not sleeping in cot

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catrina82 Sat 10-Jan-15 08:53:18

Would appreciate any advice! Im trying to get my 1 yr old 2 sleep in his cot. He did sleep in his cot for about 3 months, then became poorly & regressed back 2 co-sleeping.
Iv previously tried cry it out, but the technique really isn't for me.
For a week now iv bn putting him down at 7.30pm, we look at a book, listen 2 his mobile 4 a few mins then I sit beside his cot till he falls asleep. He'd then wake around 1am & then wake every 10 mins till he came in 2 my bed, but I thought small steps, he'd become use 2 the cot & slowly sleep through.
But instead he's got worse & past 2 days he's bn waking after half hr, then every 10-20 mins. Last night it went on for 4 hours before I took him 2 bed.
Should I change what I'm doing, persevere with same routine?! Im really not sure where I'm going wrong. I work full time so can only carry on so late!

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