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Teething Four Month DS crying when placed in Cot

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kmini Fri 09-Jan-15 22:10:23

Hi, help please!! Our 4 Month DS has started teething. His sleep this week has been really poor and really deteriorated last night when despite being fast asleep in our arms everytime we attempted to put him down he would startle awake and start crying. I must have tried this 20 times. I had more success tonight, 5 attempts, but it felt like luck rather than any solution.

I think this is something to do with his teeth as he has never been like this before. Has anyone had any experience with teething babies waking up when being placed into their cots?? Any advice would be so appreciated.

nyldn Fri 09-Jan-15 23:58:25

going through the same thing. have had to resettle DS at least 10x so far tonight (and put him download asleep). assume it's the 4 month regression with possible teething as well. it's exhausting and frustrating.

Miriama Sun 11-Jan-15 14:04:43

Same problem over here. Not quite sure where to go next!

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