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Feeding to sleep, is it worth trying not to?

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PuppyMummy Thu 08-Jan-15 18:38:55

DS is 7 months is BF, he has never been a great sleeper (he feeds 3 times during the night still) and is usually fed to sleep. He will be rocked to sleep but it takes ages and its hard to put him down after.

He has started waking early (5.30am) between feeds so I doubt he is hungry. I am wondering if he would go back to sleep better if he could settle himself.

Is it worth altering the bedtime routine so he isn't fed to sleep? but then how do you teach him to self settle? We could add a story in?

currently he has a bath then, pjs and cuddle then fed and falls asleep and I transfer him to cot.

your thoughts would be appreciated!

Littlef00t Thu 08-Jan-15 19:26:07

A gentle method below

I'd do a feed before bath then a shorter feed just before bed, get him drowsy but not fast asleep so when transitioned to cot slightly aware.

May cry a little, if too much I'd feed to sleep, but hopefully will be sufficiently drowsy to give up and accept and fall asleep.

Gradually reduce the amount you feed to drowsy. Move the feed time if you want to. I still feed full feed directly before bed, at 10 mo she comes off the boob and rubs her eyes as a cue to put her down.

I never fed to sleep for naps so it didn't impact on bedtime.

Mariacbw Thu 08-Jan-15 19:29:38

I fed my DD (now 20 months) to sleep and regretted it. A couple of times we tried to put her to sleep without her bottle but it just resulted in tears . . Lots of them!
About 2 months ago she ended up with a bug, totally drained her and she couldn't have milk. By a miracle after that we didn't give her a bottle the following day that she was well, and she just lay in the cot awake, got cosy and went to sleep. I firmly believe that by 3-4 nights of consistency babies learn what the new rules are. If I were you I would have last bottle as close to bedtime as possible, definitely add a story in and be prepared for tears! But persevere. It's so worth it. Wonderful putting them to bed with no bottle and knowing it's not an issue if they wake in the night as they can self settle.

42bunnytails Thu 08-Jan-15 19:37:01

Feeding to sleep is beautiful and easy.

Co sleeping for part of the night and BFing is easy

BFing and snoozing at 5 am is a doddle compared to giving up and getting up at 5.30.

I really, really, really don't see why feeding to sleep is an issue.

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