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Sleep regression HELP!

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Bumpforme2014 Thu 08-Jan-15 10:30:45

My baby is 15 weeks now and for past two weeks has been going through sleep regression, waking every hour all night long. I feel terrible, this is worse than newborn stage and I'm struggling with the lack of routine. Has anyone got any advice for making it go away!? How long did it last for you, I can see her changing a lot at moment which is lovely and obviously why it is happening.

She has been getting better at putting herself back to sleep from 12-3 but from then onwards she needs to be held and last night took over an hour to put her down again only for her to wake an hour later. I am hating it, was in tears last night holding her I'm such a light sleeper myself so find it hard to relax and go to sleep and her thrashing around wakes me me constantly so even when she is asleep I am awake! :-(

We noticed her getting tired earlier in the evenings so now she goes down at 8.30pm for the night but that means she doesn't have her usual 11pm feed, when she wakes she keeps her eyes closed and doesn't seem hungry during night I don't know if I should be feeding her either.

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