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5 month old only goes to sleep on me

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Em1503 Wed 07-Jan-15 18:02:03

Hi my 5 month old DD has never been a good sleeper, always waking every 2 hours through the night and struggling to nap through the dap. Things started to improve with the naps, I could put her down and she started to drift off to sleep by herself. Then the 4 month sleep regression hit and now she wakes just as frequently at night, so I feed her (ebf) but then she won't go down afterwards any more and the only way she will sleep is lying on my chest. It's the same for daytime naps apart from the first one of the day.

I know this is normal but what do I do for the best? Just let her sleep on me and hope I can put her down asleep without waking her or keep putting her down like I used in the hope that she'll get back into her old ways quicker?

DH is back in the spare room and I'm exhausted. Just wondering what the best way to get through is and keep her happy.

nyldn Wed 07-Jan-15 21:56:24

same exact thing happening with our 21 week old son. started 2-3-4 method yesterday and he is so tired by each nap/bedtime he goes right down in his crib awake but super drowsy.

still had the hour he was awake at his midnight feed last night sad. hoping to be spared that tonight, but not counting on it.

curious as to how you get on. please do update!

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