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Not sleeping at nursery!

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Frizz1986 Wed 07-Jan-15 02:04:06

I returned to work full time yesterday and my 1 year old started nursery full time too.
Yesterday was tough and she cried a lot at nursery but they said she did really well for her first day. She only slept for 50mins during the whole time at nursery which took the staff a lot of effort in the first place.
She cried when I collected her and was grizzly and clingy the whole evening. It took from 7pm until 10pm to get her to sleep, she woke every hour for her dummy or back rub overnight and was wide awake yet exhausted at 6:30am today (normal wake up is 7:15am)
I went for an hour drive before nursery to get her to have a snooze she was so tired.
Then today they said she did better, less tears but still only 50mins of sleep. She was much happier at home tonight but after initially sleeping well from 7pm-10pm we have spent since then trying to get her to sleep. We've cuddled, rubbed her back, stroked her face, rocked her, I tried to sleep on the floor next to the cot just so I was still in the room, we've let her cry for a bit........ Hubby has almost got her off now but worried as soon as he leaves the room she'll wake.
It's now only 4hrs until we get up to get ourselves ready before getting her up for breakfast and we are both exhausted.
Please tell me she'll get better and sleep more at nursery and be happier there!!

She's always been a troubled sleeper and it took 10 months to get her to go to sleep at bedtime, naps have always been tricky (used to have 3 x 30mins but now more 1 x 1hr and 1 x 30mins) and the past few weeks seem to have been a regression (possibly teeth coming as only just got her first 2 before xmas) but I don't think I can survive if we have more nights like this.

Already my evenings are packed full of giving her some food (a light snack), playing with her, giving her a bath, bedtime story, having my tea, washing up, prepping tea for the next night, before a quick sit down, then she's awake screaming and the rest of the night is spent trying to settle her. I want time to sleep and shower myself!!

It's broken me tonight, I have been crying uncontrollably on the floor wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Please help.

Wherehasmysleepgone Thu 08-Jan-15 11:04:24

Hello, i could have written this post when it comes to the sleep and clinginess from nursery! Tuesday night my Ds was awake every 30 mins on the run up to mindnight then slept 12-2 then awake every hour until 6.30 i had to go to work the next day and was shattered. I think he is teething too which doesnt help. I was so stressed as i wasnt sure what to do with him, when he came home from nursery (his first day was Tuesday) he was clingy but very tired from the night before and he managed 2 hours before he woke, my dp managed to get him off to sleep with some milk he then woke at 12 and 4.20 after he had some milk at 4.20 he lad in his cot talking to his teddies lol which was fine as at least he wasnt upset but i didnt sleep much again!
My ds is 9.5 months.
He has never slept through the night either and is not a great day napper, i think once the initial settling of nursery is over we should both get a better night sleep, i guess its quite a lot for them to cope with. I had expected unsettled nights but not this unsettled! Not sure how much is teething and how much is feeling unsettled.

Anyway i dont really have any advice but wanted to let you know you are not alone and sleep deprivation is so hard to deal with. Sending flowers & brew

Wherehasmysleepgone Thu 08-Jan-15 11:06:36

Oh and my Ds had a total of 1 hr 20 mins sleep at nursery which wasnt great as he hadnt slept the night before! They will settle down - my nursery said that the first week is the hardest

Roxie85 Thu 08-Jan-15 20:00:08

Thanks. Glad to know it's not just me. I expected problems too but not to this extent. I think dd is teething too and nursery said she had a slight temp today and didn't eat much (after only 3 days they have figured out she normally stuffs her face)

Wherehasmysleepgone Fri 09-Jan-15 13:46:19

That's exactly what happened to my ds yesterday I had to collect him early as wasn't eating and now I can see three teeth surfacing :-( our nights have been awful, awake every hour or so! We managed a better night last night and we had a lie in so I am hoping the worst is over!

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