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8 year old with sleep problems

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Tillylils Tue 06-Jan-15 23:27:50

My 8 year old was a terrible sleeper as a baby but got better as she got older. She generally goes to sleep after a story with no problems.

For the last two weeks, she's has real trouble getting to and staying asleep. We've tried everything, sleep balm, a relaxation cd, a warm bath before bed. She is absolutely shattered but only seems to be able to sleep when I lie down with her. I hoped going back to school might help but it hasn't yet. We've had a chat and she says she's got nothing on her mind.
She's looking awful now because she's so tired and I'm worried its going to make her ill and affect her school work. Does anyone have any ideas? Kind of at my wits end now.

hulahoopsilove Sat 10-Jan-15 10:25:32

this happened with me...DS age 9 now and I have to lie next to him till he falls to sleep...if he wakes in night I just leave it a while - he shouts wont get out of bed...if he still calls out I go in and just get in his bed. He's an only so no other siblings upstairs with him...he gets scared. It's easier to do it this way than battle it out, it cant last forever I keep telling myself.

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