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2.5yr old suddenly crying at bedtime and waking early crying - advice please!

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Vonnyb30 Tue 06-Jan-15 15:12:33

Hi there,

I've looked to this site lots as a source of advice but until now haven't been compelled to participate directly....I'm at my wits end though so in for a penny in for a pound!

My 2.5yr old daughter has always been fine going to bed and sleeping through the night until a reasonable hour (unless she's ill or teething of course) but for the last 10 days she's been screaming when leaving her in her cot at night and then wakes between 5.30am-6.30am, again screaming. In fairness a few nights I've been able to settle her after one or two trips upstairs to reassure her but the last few nights I've just left her to cry as I'm scared I'm going to get in to a horrible habit of having to go up to her every night. The worst night she cried for 25 mins which was excruciating but I was just at a loss as to what to do short of sitting with her until she dropped off.

Also when she's woken early in the morning I've been taking her in to the spare bed with me, although she still doesn't go back to sleep she's happy enough to just lie quietly being cuddled until gone 7-7.30am which is when I generally give up on the hope she's going to doze off again. A lot of you are probably thinking that 5.30-6.30am is a reasonable time to be waking up but even though we put her to bed at 7.30pm/8pm she often doesn't fall to sleep until 9pm so the amount of sleep she gets (as little as 8.5hrs) if she wakes so early just isn't enough. She reluctantly naps in the day for anywhere between 40 - 90 mins but when added to her usual 10-11hr night time sleep it still doesn't add up to a vast amount of sleep in my opinion so I really don't think her nap is an issue, plus she really needs it. The timing of her nap is a problem though as for over six months I haven't been able to get her to sleep much before 2.30pm (apart from the last 10 days where she's obviously been shattered) so she's waking anytime up to 4pm. It's not ideal but I'm not sure how to address it as if she doesn't have the nap she's vile come 4.30pm and won't eat any dinner or go in the bath....or generally do anything apart from whinge and cry.

So my problem is twofold really, firstly I'd like your advice on how I should deal with her crying at bedtime and secondly what to do in the morning when she wakes crying to come in to bed with me. My daughter is incredibly bright and I can't help but feel she's exercising her authority over me, which she tries to do during every minute of her waking hours but on the other hand I'd hate to think the cry it out technique which I', thinking might be the most effective option, might be making any genuine anxiety/worries worse.

Any advice or stories of similar experiences you can share would be great sorry to waffle on!

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