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Melatonin - any experiences?

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Stinkle Tue 06-Jan-15 08:35:53

My 9 year old has been prescribed melatonin to help with her sleep issues.

She just can't switch off at night and will lay there for hours - for example, back at school yesterday and she was absolutely knackered last night. In bed by 8 but still wide awake at 11pm. She's a wreck this morning. She's not messing about or constantly getting up. She's laying quietly in bed, she just can't sleep.

Once she's asleep she's asleep, it's getting to sleep in the first place that's the problem

I knew it would take some time to start seeing an improvement, but we started in the middle of October, 10ish weeks later and it's no better.

Has anyone else been prescribed melatonin? Was it effective? Should we see some sort of improvement by now?


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