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front sleeping - when can you start letting it happen?

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utopian99 Tue 06-Jan-15 02:32:47

Ds1 had a hammock to sleep in until he was about 4 months. He never really got on perfectly with it, and we co slept a bit. At 4 months he started rolling, or attempting to, at night as well as day, so we put him in a cot and he promptly rolled onto his front to sleep. Hated lying on his back and has slept side and front ever since. (Now 2 yo)
ds2 (8 weeks) has a cosleeper cot, and will sort of/sometimes sleep on his back if very near us. We conducted an experiment and let him sleep on his front the last few evenings when we were in the room/awake to watch him and he slept like a dream. Turned him onto his back and he's really restless again. The problem is, letting them front sleep is against all guidance at the moment. He has strong enough head and upper body that he can turn his head in his sleep (we've seen him do it,) and looks safe, but it's hard to know, hence we've always turned him back before we go to sleep.

when can we safely let him stay this way? Dh, ds1 and I all.hate back sleeping so it stands to reason, but I don't want to risk anything for the sake of a sensible night's sleep..

Szeli Tue 06-Jan-15 10:47:58

I thought once they could roll you were ok? someone may be along to correct me tho

imisssleepandwine Tue 06-Jan-15 22:19:55

It's ok once the baby can roll over onto his belly himself. Put him to sleep onto his back and let him find a comfy position..

BMO Tue 06-Jan-15 22:22:38

Agree that you just need to put them down on their back, and let them choose their own position. I wouldn't put a baby down on their front personally.

beckiebee04 Tue 06-Jan-15 23:43:59

My little ones just turned 7 months n always sleeps on her tummy, if they can roll they've got enough strength to get back and control head... It still scares me now but going in and seeing her in deep sleep I can't turn her back

steppeinginto2015 Tue 06-Jan-15 23:52:29

The reason (as I understand it) that front sleeping is dangerous, is that babies who can't lift/turn/move their head well, can't get their face off the blanket/mattress/sheet is necessary and so end up suffocating.

So if he can roll, he can move his head where-ever he wants and move it off the mattress if necessary. I have always understood it to be that you shouldn't put them don on their front, but if they roll themselves onto their front, they are fine.

utopian99 Wed 07-Jan-15 02:46:26

Thanks all, that is what I thought then really. He's not yet strong enough to roll himself from back to front, so another few months of unsettled nights and watching him furiously trying, I suppose. It seems hard to watch and not help when it's obviously nicer for him, but you're right he can't really be strong enough (and therefore safe,) till he can do it alone..

sophielouise Fri 09-Jan-15 14:46:04

Going against the grain here and probably going to get flamed, but we let our 11 week old front sleep. She has done from birth and sleeps like a dream this way. Any other way doesn't work. I've spoken to health visitors about it, who obviously didn't recommend it due to guidelines, BUT they have said that as long as other risk factors for SIDS are low (e.g. Non smokers, sleeps in room with us, sleeps in own crib not in our bed etc.) then it's probably ok. Also remember that when we were babies ourselves it was always the done thing. It has changed due to lots of research on SIDS but there are loads of other risk factors. It's down to overheating, so if the baby can lift and turn head, and sleeps on a firm mattress with minimal blankets then risks are reduced. Have you tried side sleeping instead? Just prop them up with a rolled up blanket so they don't roll onto their back?

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