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4 month regression worries

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nyldn Mon 05-Jan-15 21:54:09

DS is coming on 21 weeks and in the past 2 weeks has gone from a decent night sleeper who is terrible at napping to being awful at both.

honestly, during your child's 4-5 month period, how many hours were they getting in a 24 hr period? I know it should be 14-16 and we're lucky if he gets 12.

my entire life is now focused around his sleep, and it's driving me crazy. I feel trapped inside my home by this need to get him enough sleep.

he doesn't nap more than 20 min in his crib and needs to be swaddled and bounced to sleep on a yoga ball first.

at night we start putting him down at 7. hes literally up every 30 min (sometimes for more than an hour) the whole night.

if we let him cry, he will cry for hours. he is a bottomless pit of wills.

my DH and i are starting to argue in the sleepless dead of night sad

tips? encouragement? commiseration?

TakesTwoToTango Mon 05-Jan-15 21:56:59

Teething pain? Have you tried neurofen? Whatever the cause, it won't last forever, I promise (though it may feel like it at the time!!) smile

Terramirabilis Mon 05-Jan-15 22:02:46

My DS is also four months old. His sleep has markedly deteriorated in the last couple of weeks. He has gone from sleeping through for 10-12 hours virtually every night to waking up several times over a 12 hour period. Fortunately he doesn't cry if he's held and walked up and down. Naps have also become pretty short, which is difficult today when I'm working from home! I think you can't fight what they want to do so no point trying to force them to sleep if they don't want to. Is one of you still on parental leave? Can you stagger sleep with DH to make sure you each get a decent amount?

nyldn Mon 05-Jan-15 22:17:14

I'm on leave. my DH is wonderful and always wanting to do as much as possible, but his job is our income and high stress and he can't be going in on no sleep daily. DS had colic and I believe silent reflux. I got a sweep at 42 weeks and wound up with a forceps delivery and i honestly believe that he was truly not ready to come out yet and I selfishly wanted the pregnancy over. (may be silly sounding to some...). I don't think that he would be as difficult if I let him sleep in our bed or held him for every nap, but I'm not interested in that.

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