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needing advice on dd dreadful sleep habits

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noonoos78 Mon 05-Jan-15 13:57:53

dd just turned 2. is still bf on demand.

dd was a much longed for baby, and due to my own issues i have never let her cry. when tiny if cried was picked up straight away etc etc.

i know i have created these bad habits so please be gentle!

the issues are:

she stopped napping before 18months - doesn't seem to need it.
she only bf to sleep
she wakes 40 minutes after falling asleep - not able to self soothe at the end of the first sleep cycle. screams and needs to be bf and sung to go back to sleep - takes anything from 5-60 minutes.
then wakes around 10pm, 12pm, 4am, 6am. sometimes throws in a 2am wake up for good measure.
on waking she normally gets out of bed and walks into our room. i bf her to sleep and carry her back to bed.
she used to sleep for dh - he would sit with her and she'd fall asleep, but this has stopped in the last 6 weeks.

I'm knackered. dh is cross that this still isn't sorted.

we have tried
PUPD when she was 6 months old - just made her cross and cried terribly.
CC when 12 months old. She became ill after 3 days with horrible virus then a UTI so we stopped it. (i hated the crying and couldn't face trying again).
Dh only going in - she now is inconsolable by him at screams mummy mummy.
me sitting next to her bed but not bf or picking up - now she climbs out of bed, sits next to me and screams.
a bottle of formula in bed - she would have it but she's 2 and we thought was getting too big (maybe i should reintroduce to get her off bf?)
various other things none of which have helped.

the main problem is my inability to listen to her scream - we have 2 other LOs in the house so i also don't want them woken.

we are considering me moving out for 7 nights for dh to sleep train her - i think 7 days sleep at a hotel would do me good!

any advice please?

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